Gaming/Simulation Packages and Books by ABSELites

As many of the links on the old webpage were broken, we are seeking to recreate the “Gaming Packages by ABSELites” page.  * Indicates currently in beta-test.  If you have anything that should be included or changed, please email with information like that below:

    • Ars Regendi ( by member Marc Böttenberg is a browser-based geo-political and economical simulation game.
    • Beat-the-Market: A Microeconomics Game ( by member Steve Gold is an online economic simulation.
    • The Business Policy Game 7th edition ( by member Dave Fritzsche is a domestic and international Internet integrated business strategy simulation.  It is also used in the annual International Collegiate Business Policy Competition
    • The BusSim Business Simulation Series ( by member Dave Jordan is a series of six business simulations meant to integrate a business program.  These simulations come in three editions: Student vs Student, Stand Alone and Web Based.
    • Cesim Business Management Simulation Games ( by member Ilkka Vesterinen are completely browser-based, easy to use, multiplayer and multi-language simulation games for international business, global strategy, marketing, small service, and hospitality management education.
    • Corporate Cartooning ( by member Jeremy Hall is an free online book about the art, science and craft of computer business simulation design.
    • Future Force ( by member Ken Long was designed for The Army Command and General Staff College to help train military leaders in force management and resource allocation.
    • GEO ( by member Precha Thavikulwat is an international strategic business simulation game that was presented at ABSEL 2010.
    • Hall Marketing ( by member Jeremy Hall has many, many computer simulations and experiential exercises available for management development and keeps spawning more all the time.
    • Human Resources Simulations ( by member David Rahn. Knowledge Companion provides simulations which map to the curriculum guidelines jointly established by the Society for Human Resources (SHRM) and the Association for Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
    • The Management Accounting Simulation ( by member Ken Goosen is a simulation emphasizing management accounting techniques and concepts.
    • Maven (<>) by members Phil Anderson and Leigh Lawton simulates the management of a marketing company. The instructor can set the business to be selling one or two products in one, two or three territories.
    • Micromatic (<>) by members Phil Anderson and Tim Scott is a web-based strategic management business simulation game, targeted for senior and MBA level courses.
    • Mogul (<>) by member Phil Anderson simulates the operation of a small manufacturing business, targeted for undergraduate courses.
    • The Multinational Management Game ( by member Bernie Keys is a domestic and international strategic management simulation involving global environmental analysis skills.
    • The ProStar Simulation ( by member Patrick D. O’Rourke is a Web-based agribusiness management simulation of a small retail business emphasizing management, marketing and accounting techniques and concepts.
    • Traction  ( by Experiential Simulations is a strategic simulation game. Students develop their startup company in both pre and post revenue stages. Focusing on the team, funding, product development, business models, internal processes. This simulation combines academic concepts and practical experience. Professors discuss the concepts with the class and the players can see how the concepts integrate within the simulation.